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About Us

NawakantipurRespecting to the true spirit of Co-operative revolution of government of Nepal, Nawakantipur Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (NMC) is established under the Co-operative Act 2048, with the slogan "your satisfaction is our destination" in 7th Aswin, 2054 B.S. With due respect to the sprite of co-operative revolution of the government of Nepal, Nawakantipur Multipurpose Co-Operative Society(NMC) has been operating with number of financial opportunities to its needy members & society as a whole ignoring cheap assurance of the market since 7th Aswin, 2054 B.S.. In the contest of competitive market due to government's liberal and free economic policy along with pace of technological enhancement, our entrepreneurs are facing no. of threats development on the belief of "Today's investment is tomorrow's return " like a cash cow by taking corporate social responsibility (CSR) into account. Hence, NMC, in its true sense, is the people's representative in Nepalese financial market. 'To Serve' is our ultimate goal. Taking the view in mind 'drops make sea' let's shake our hands for economic development through successful entrepreneurial development.

For this, don't worry, we manage blood i.e. fund for your business organization. You just come with your sound business scheme. We would like to draw your attention towards the belief of getting opportunity to serve through the habits of daily saving. Hence, it is the right time to sake our hands. Considering the liberal and open market policy of the nation, it is the true reality that modern science and technology has converted the entire world into a small village. Government's liberal and open market policy adds further opportunities and threats in this extent. So keeping this view in mind, NMC is operating for the economic up-liftmen of modern society through entrepreneurial development on the belief of today investments is tomorrows return like a cash cow in the competitive market, meeting corporate social responsibility (CSR), NMC's existence as a peoples representative is of great extent. National development through 'To Serve' is our ultimate goal so; let's shake our hands for economic development of our nation through successful entrepreneurship. For this we manage blood i.e. fund for your business. We are here by waiting you for better business proposal and plans.